Meet Amy Tuttle

My name is Amy Jacquelynne Tuttle and I serve as an Arts & Healing practitioner, workshop & retreat facilitator, trainer, and coach/personal guide. My work focuses on strengthening capacity for meaningful engagement in life, work, and community. It’s oriented towards personal responsibility, healing, and strengthening the web of culture and community.

I often work with people transitioning through challenging life experiences. These experiences include conflict, shifting various power dynamics, disaster or place-based emergencies, thriving through major life changes, and a variety of rites of passage. My offerings integrate creative expression, art-making, storytelling, collaborative/group processes, ritual, grief-work, trauma-healing, and council-based practices- as opportunities for healing and growth. I view creative expression as one of the most beneficial tools for communities and individuals to process difficult experiences and cultivate their sense of purpose.

My undergraduate degree is in Psychology and I also have earned an MA in Arts & Transformation from Eastern University in Philadelphia. I’ve been active in the Arts & Healing field for over 10 years. This engagement has brought me opportunities for service around the U.S. & World: providing Arts & Healing workshops; guiding public art installations in Haiti & Philadelphia; developing and teaching curricula for "Arts-Based First Response" for disaster-relief scenarios with BuildaBridge International; and training practitioners in trauma-informed best practices via UNICEF Haiti and various organizations in the US. Locally, I’ve worked with Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center as Education Director, Price Hill Will as Community Engagement Coordinator, and as a Teaching Artist for a variety of organizations such as Cincinnati Arts Association and Pones. Currently, I work with Indigo Hippo as the Executive Director and Director of Programming, offering direct-service programming and creative culture/leadership training.

I also offer 1:1 coaching and guidance in a private practice format. This work includes energy-based modalities, body work, and personal Rites of Passage.

I’ve been working with Quanita Roberson since 2011, when we met during one of her Girls Rites of Passage workshops. As a participant and collaborator in Quanita’s work, my observation is that Quanita’s brilliant way of working “gets to the heart of the matter” and encourages wild growth, connection, and expression for participants. Quanita calls us into our best selves! Together, Quanita and I have offered work around Girls Rites of Passage, Warrior Princess workshops, and a Chakra Healing Series. We share passions around rites of passage and grief work.

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