Meet Tenneson Woolf

I am a facilitator, workshop leader, teacher, blogger, and coach committed to improving the quality of collaboration and imagination needed in groups, teams, and organizations — to help us be in times such as these with consciousness, kindness, and learning. My work over 20+ years has been to design and lead meetings in participative formats. From strategic visioning with boards to large conference design to communities just learning to listen again to one another. I've worked significantly with faith communities, educators, and foundation leaders. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology (1988) and a masters degree in Organizational Behavior (1993).

I post a daily blog, Human to Human, in which I offer reflection on varied aspects of participative leadership practices, insights, and human to human depth. Living systems, self-organization, and emergence inspire all of my work. So does emptiness, breath, or a fresh-picked garden tomato. My work lineages include The Berkana Institute with Margaret Wheatley, The Circle Way with Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea, and The Art of Hosting with Toke Moeller.

I live in a small town where urban meets rural in Lindon, Utah, at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains. I’m originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I'm father to three children, two finding their way in young 20s adult life, and one navigating junior high school. A new love for me is kayaking.

Quanita is a friend and colleague that I have deep respect and love for — hosting together is a time when I grow immensely. What excites me about offerings with Quanita is that each is a customized for particular needs. Each comes from proven participative leadership platforms that rely on people gaining tools and experience through shared learning, building community, ritual, and applied practice. We are committed together to "deep, fun, and easy" as operating intentions -- to the significant, to that which grows life, and to that which is ready. These offerings include:

  • ●  Fire & Water Leadership Cohort Program

  • ●  QT Retreats

  • ●  Circle-Based Approaches to Change

  • ●  Art of Hosting

  • ●  Personal and Professional Coaching

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