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Day 41 - Whale Medicine

I have been thinking a lot about whale medicine recently. Whales are said to have agreed to carry the medicines when the wisdom keepers were being made to stop practicing or killed for practicing. They agreed to carry it until the wisdom keepers are ready again to receive it, It is said that they will beach themselves when it’s time to give the medicine back.

Whales also bring the medicine of the wailers. The bring the grief and the understanding of the importance of it. They understand that you can’t really live if you don’t know how to grieve.

The wailers in communities were also called the singers so whale medicine is connected to singing your song into the world.

I had a dream once. I was sitting on what seemed like the edge of a pool but felt like the edge of an ocean. I could see a whale swimming around in front of me. After awhile he got out of the water and sat next to me. He looked at me and explained that he was back, he reminder me that he used to be with me when I was little and now he has returned to travel with me again.


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