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Day 55 - From Water to Fire

According to the Dagara Medicine Wheel we are moving from a water year to a fire year. This past year came in with the medicine of forgiveness, reconciliation, bridge building, peace making and the emotions.

Globally, at the beginning of this year as we all watch the insurrection at the United States Capital we were on notice that it is time to choose, where do you stand? Some people heard the call loud and clear and others let it float quietly by them but let's be clear not to choose is to choose, it is a choice. I believe that this sign wasn't just about politics but about who do you choose to be in this turning of the world?

This time of global pandemic and racial unrest, where there is a constant feeding of fear we get to choose. The choice is always, and has always been between love and fear. We like to make it a lot more complicated than that but it is just that simple and that complex. The tricky part is in the discernment.

This year we have had the chance to look at our relationship to ourselves, community, grief, death, faith, trust in ourselves and in the divine, our understanding of dependence and the myth of independence. Some of us have dove deeply into these areas and have found treasure. Some of us have clung to what we know because it is familiar and brings with it it's own comforts.

Whichever you chose you get another chance to examine some of these things from a different angle in this fire year.

Fire, as a primal energy will give us a chance to dive into the emotional self, the intuitive self, the dream self, and the instinctual self. This element is believed to hold the most potent connection to the spirit world. It can bring the gifts of truth telling and clarity. It also can bring the gift of anger which can lead us on our own journeys of forgiveness and grief. Fire can be fast moving like a wild fire or slow burning like lava, however it shows up just know it is trying to gift us. It's trying to clear out the places where we are stuck to restore flow.

Wishing you a Happy New Year,


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