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Day 74 - Healing, Hard & Easy

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Years ago I was in a coaching session with a client who was really struggling with something and she turned to me and ask, “You always say that if something is for you it is easy, how do you reconcile that with healing is hard?” It caught me by surprise. Almost without thinking I replied, if something is for you the external should be easy but the internal can be hard.

We so have this story that things should be hard. We even have lots of language around this, no pain no. gain, anything worth having is worth working for, if people are giving you a hard time you must be doing something right. This story is counter to the way of the divine. The divine is found in the flow. When we are in alignment things seem to fall into place in a magical way. You run into an old friend that has just the piece of information that you need for your next step. You get offered a job that will pay you the exact amount of money that you need for a trip you have been wanting to take. Or you find a book that you forgot you had that fills in some of the blanks you had in your thought process.

And at the same time the internal healing process can be painful. We don’t often give up our old stories easily, we often go kicking and screaming and that is painful. We often insist on the struggle. That is hard.

My prayer is that you let your pain flow through you without resistance so that there is less struggle. And that when you start to feel the flow you stay out of the way.


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Fire. Free. Flow. There is a rhythm in this for me. It’s 90 days to the turning from this decade of my life to the next. Each day a step, a poem, a moment of gratitude for grace and gifts. Thank you for your words.

Jan 21, 2022
Replying to

I love being in this continual dance/conversation with you through my blog. Thank you for engaging. 😘

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