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Day 82 - Going in Again

Next week Tenneson and I are starting a 4-week Wisdom Series on Forgiveness. This is the second time that we are taking groups through this one.

Each week has a different focus

Week 1: Anger

Week 2: Grief

Week 3: Compassion

Week 4: Grace

When we went through this series the last time I noticed that each week would call up situations in my life that was in alignment with the week’s focus. For instance, we were in the middle of a session on grief, getting ready to take people through a grief ritual when I received a text from a woman that I used to be friends with apologizing and asking to reconnect. We hadn’t talked in over 5 years. The way this relationship ended was troubling to me and seeing this text brought up a lot of grief and threw me into a bit of a spin.

Each week went like this so I’m not surprised that I feel a bit of anger in me right now. I’m not quite sure yet what it’s attached to but I can feel it just underneath the surface.

These journeys that Tenneson and I choose to take people into require us to go into them as well. Sometimes surfacing these things between us, leaving us to navigate our own healing while guiding others through theirs. This takes courage.


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