Fire & Water Prep

I’ll let Tenneson speak for himself. Deciding to take on this venture has kicked my ass! When we say to spirit that we are willing to take people on a journey and we ask for that to be in alignment then we have to be prepared. To support others in stepping into their initiated adult selves means that I have to find my way there first (you can’t take someone to a place you haven’t been). This passed year and a half in preparation I have had a blood clot, fibroids, blood transfusions, and a hysterectomy. Talk about moving me to my elder self.

During this journey some of what I have learned:

~It has always been just between me and spirit

~safely is internal not external

~the only thing that can show up for me is my reflexion

~real humility requires me to heal my piece of the ancestors wounds

~everyone has their own journey, I can support, I can’t do any of it for them, including my children

~say yes to what is life giving and life affirming

~if I keep my promise to spirit I will be supported in all ways, if I think I can do it by myself spirit will step aside and let me try

~Expecting someone else to be responsible for me is abandoning self

-Wind Warrior (Quanita)

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