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Friendship, Work, Love, & Trust

I often say that I only work with people I love and trust. This past week Tenneson and I were with our 3rd cohort of Fire& Water in their 2nd retreat. We sent five days together at Hope Springs retreat center. This is the home of Fire & Water and it was good to have our 3rd cohort in this place.

Tenneson and I are learning more and more about what Fire & Water is and wants to be. The three cohorts are teaching us who is a good fit for Fire & Water and where people tend to struggle in the journey. There are three age groups that have been attracted to the journey, we have some participants around the age a 30, we have people in their 40-50s, and we have people in their 60s and older. Each group has different challenges but what we are finding in that there is great benefits to having these three groups in the journey together.

We are also growing and stretching ourselves. Trying new things and creating new tools to share on the journey.

As we are learning we are playing, being silly, making up stuff. My favorite thing this time includes a list of new terms that I am still holding close and giggling at, here they are:

  • Coffee Brave

  • Boringly Brilliant

  • Dorky Good

  • Fire Delight

  • Pedagogy of Encountering

I will leave the definitions to your imagination. You can always wait until you hear one of us use them in a sentence and get a good belly laugh yourself.


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Those phrases make me smile, laugh, and celebrate!

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