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Gifts From The Whale Rider

Over the past couple of weeks I have watched the movies The Whale Rider about five times. This isn’t unusual for me. A movie comes into my mind and I am clear that it has medicine for me in some way and I become completely obsessed with it. I then watch it over and over again each time diving deeper and deeper into the medicine it has for me until I feel complete with it.

Over the years this has been one of the ones that has stayed in rotation for me. It is a favorite. It’s feeds this water spirit soul of mine in all kinds of deep and soulful ways.

This film has been teaching me a lot about the female feminine. There are things about the female feminine that I think my grandmothers knew that we have forgotten. In this desire to be equal we have fallen into the trap of thinking we are all the same but we aren’t. Just as I would tell people that we can’t walk around as if we are color blind I would also say we can’t walk around as if we are body blind.

This movie, this time around, is teaching me about the power of the divine female feminine. It is a movie about initiation. It’s not surprising to me that this would show up in a time that I feel is a deeply initiatory time for me and a time that we (Tenneson and I) are preparing for our next Wisdom Series on Initiation.

This time around it reinforced in me the strength and knowing that women carry and the power of discernment. It showed me what loves looks like in action. In a time when we think there is a such thing as righteous anger, Paikea shows us what it looks like to move quickly through the anger and into the grief. Anger after all is just unprocessed grief. Moving quickly through it is what it means to be in divine flow. It means not holding on to anything. Not our anger. Not our grief. We let it all go. Know, I know, easier said than done, after all we are in these human bodies.

If you get a chance watch this movie please do. It’s not always an easy movie to watch but it is packed with goodness.


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