We Are Women Who Embody Wisdom

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Collective Poem From Women of Feminine Wisdom Retreat 2019

We are women who embody wisdom

through movement meditation,

and through accessing the kundalini rising

we share that wisdom with the world,

in breath and sound

in loving songs that touch the heart

in podcasts

and in writing

we have marked our beauty and this time together

through pictures and art

to help us remember the truth of who we are

We are women who have learned from our childhood stories that women are bound by love.

Our stories taught us

that there is power in our chosen names

that stories shared allow for closer bonds

that we were wanted and deeply loved

and that all our childhood experiences were gifts that made us who we are

Our stories taught us

that connections to the past aren’t always painful

and we have learned that there has been more safety in our bodies than we allowed it to be

Our stories also taught us that we wanted to be here and

that we are “Past the point of no return, no backward glances. Our days of make believe are gone.” (Phantom)

We have taken all of who we are and have become and today choose new stories.

We choose

Unconditional self love,

to trust ourselves,

and nourishing deep relationships

We choose

to live in the awareness that safety is beyond internal,

to celebrate ourselves,

and to live financially abundant lives

We know that we are the sacred feminine

we are beautiful,


and we inhabit the power and gifts of sensitivity

We are proud of our intelligence and creativity

and revel in our fullness.

We are women who embody wisdom.

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