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Not Choice but Discovery

One of my uncles died yesterday. He was one of my mother’s brothers. The first of her siblings to transition. He had been sick for quite some time. His death is a reminder to me that life is short.

It is a reminder that in each moment of everyday we are exchanging our life force energy for whatever it is we are choosing to do. This is a good reminder for me as I am entering into a new phase of my life. It’s a good reminder to choose life and leave the bull shit behind.

It’s a reminder to pay attention to the vibrational frequency of people, places, and things around me. Doing this can bring clarity to what/who these people, places, and things are to me.

The patriarchy lies to us. It tells us that we get to choose who and what people, places, and things are to us but it's not true. Us thinking that we get to choose takes spirit and nature out of the equation and anchors us deep in the patriarchy. When we are choosing instead of discovering who we are, our relationships are messy. Our jobs are to discover anew each and every moment.

There are three possibilities with vibrational frequency, either the person, place or thing will be vibrating at a higher, lower, or equal frequency as you, and that informs who you are even can be to that person or thing.

There are lots of time in my life that I have wanted to be in a different relationship with a person, place or thing only to discover that our vibrational frequency didn't match the relationship I wanted or the relationship they thought they got to choose.

I bow to my uncle as he gifts me with this lesson as he continues on his journey to the next life. May you be carried safely to the ancestors. I welcome your new vibrational frequency with me as my new ancestor.


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