Roberson Family, Love, & Ritual Honoring Granny's 90th Birthday

If my granny (Eloise Roberson) was still alive Friday would have been her 90th birthday. Eloise was a force! You always knew where she still on something. She birthed and raised 9 children not to mention all of the grandchildren she helped to raise, me included. My parents were 15 when I was born so I went to her home straight from the hospital. In some ways my grandparents were more like my parents than my parents were. From my granny, from this family I have learned what love feels like, what family does, and what ritual means.

"Finally we arrived home. when we stepped in the door I knew everyone knew. The whole family was sitting around the dinning room table. That was the first time I had realized that this was a family problem not a personal problem all our lives had changed that day."

-Patricia Roberson (My mother)

My mother wrote the statement above about her family finding out that she was pregnant with me. I realize now that from before I was born I was steeped in community. So when the family texts started coming through my phone with Happy birthday messages in honor of what would have been my granny's 90th birthday I was delighted but not surprised.

1st I should tell you that my grandmother loved Pepsi. So in honor of her here is what was shared in our family text.

I love these people and this family. So much of who they are, who we are is infused in everything I do and in all that I am. Thank you Eloise for your legacy. Thank you for living a life of love.

Thank you for teaching me:

  • As a girl I should always have a little money in my pocket

  • How to cook amazing fried chicken and soulful sweet potato pie

  • To buy good paper towels (Bounty) and good toilet paper (Charmin)

  • To always put smell good on and never forget your pretty box

  • And to fly with the eagles and not to walk with the turkeys

I miss you. I love you. And I hope my life honors you.


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