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What Road Did You Take to Freedom

I wrote this piece several years ago but it is setting with me today:

What road did you take to Freedom?

Did you sneak away in the dead of the night leaving everything and everyone you knew behind?

Did you wade in the water to cover your trail?

Did you leave a job that no longer fit the person you had grown to be?

Did you leave a relationship that didn’t honor the truth of who you really are?

Did you hop on the underground railroad or come on a boat greeted by Lady Liberty?

What road did you take to freedom, education, art, travel, the longing of your own heart’s desire?

Did you climb your way out of a bottle one step at a time?

Did you go searching for the road or did it rise to meet you?

Did you seek aid from a friend of a friend or did you follow the glimmering lights of the drinking gourd?

What road did you take to freedom?


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