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full Bashing-om: Actually I've got problems with 3.13.0-51-generic, if I remove it and install 3.13.0-51 then reboot the machine hangs - if I boot with 3.13.0-51 then after login it reboots to it's initial state, without any problems oh i use something like $.post("/echo/json/", on localhost and from there i got the /echo/json/ now im trying to bring that functionality to my site in php i found something like $.get("/echo/json/", $getdata, function(data){...} this works for me if i put it to localhost but if i put it on site i got error 500 Internal Server Error Bashing-om: Seems like I'm stuck with 3.13.0-51 :'( Hm, I just could reboot to 3.13.0-53 AlexQ: HMM... see what'dpkg -l | grep linux-'shows on what version you are on. im googling, what does ubuntu dev team use for metasploit repository? apt-cache search or hacktux? my* im tired :D my xchat doesn't support smileys :| alexfpms: No, searcg ubuntu packages site for Metasploit4: Bashing-om, thanks alexfpms: Easy see the "series" - all in the 18.04 column :) Bashing-om, hmm.. yes but.. wait i don't get it i don't see Metasploit repo just



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Frozen 2 Movie Free Download Hd 1080p (Final 2022)

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