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Your bathroom probably looks jaded because of the build up of grime, limescale and mold within your tiles. This causes discoloration in your grout and most likely changes the look of your bathroom in an unappealing way. After cleaning your bathroom thoroughly, inspect the , looks so high end! The Rust-Oleum floor paint is awesome! i just used it in my guest bathroom too! One of the best ways to save on a bathroom remodel is not to remodel at all. People often use the terms bathroom remodeling and bathroom renovation interchangeably, but they’re not the same thing. Of course, another favorite feature in here is the plant wall. This space was originally meant for a linen cabinet 8211 I have always pictured having something there for a little extra storage, and I even went as far as purchasing one and assembling it. It lived in the bathroom for a few days and it looked absolutely beautiful, but in the end it just felt like it took up too much space. I like how light and open our bathroom feels, and I decided that I didnt want to add anything that would mess with it.home kitchen makeoverWOW am I glad I found Kitchen Makeover?! My cabinets needed a serious makeover, and who thought it could be so easy to do it yourself. If you missed any of the posts or projects for our kitchen makeover, you can check out all of them from the very beginning: POPSUGAR Would Like , To Send You Push Notifications. Redoing the average-sized kitchen , costs between $25,000 and $40,000, according to Angi. But major projects of large spaces can mount into the six figures, and even a minor kitchen remodel could cost between $10,000 and $15,000. Plus, a kitchen renovation could easily leave you unable to cook at home for weeks at a time, and that can mean higher food bills for take-out meals or restaurants. I have worked with one of their sales reps to design our kitchen layout using their free 3D kitchen design. It was a very easy process to send over the measurements for our kitchen space, and a few of my design ideas.interior design and remodeling near meWe believe that design is an integral part of a successful remodeling project. While design includes the exciting things, like fixtures, materials and colors, at its core, good design is anchored in planning and problem solving. Itrsquos what we love to , do mdashcreate beautiful, functional spaces that make our clients fall in love with where they live. Because we sell and install all these products we maintain control over all our Spokane remodeling projects. We are in charge of ordering all remodeling products and making sure they arrive when we need them. This solves most delay problems. As a 100% employee-owned company, we strive for balance. We value spending time with our families, being active in our communities, and celebrating all Maine has to offer. We are passionate about Maine and supporting its people—clients, creatives, artisans, craftsmen, all of us—who choose to live here. """""""


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