Tenneson Woolf

Friend, Consultant and Collaborator

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It is meeting design and facilitation. It is strategic visioning. It is participative leadership. It’s workshops to multi-day retreats. It’s coaching individuals and teams. Helping us be smarter together. Three orientations — living systems, self-organization, and emergence — inspire and inform all of my work. So does emptiness, breath, and a freshly-picked garden tomato. I am a facilitator, workshop leader, teacher, blogger, and coach committed to improving the quality of collaboration and imagination needed in groups, teams, and organizations — to help us be in times such as these with consciousness, kindness, and learning. My work over 20+ years has been to design and lead meetings in participative formats. From strategic visioning with boards to large conference design to communities just learning to listen again to one another. I've worked significantly with faith communities, educators, and foundation leaders. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology (1988) and a masters degree in Organizational Behavior (1993).

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amy j howton

Friend, Consultant and Collaborator


my work over the past twenty years has focused in the areas of trauma response, racial + gender justice, spiritual leadership, community building, and social change + communal healing. i am a learner and listener and writing is a core way i make meaning of my life’s journey; i believe there is powerful medicine in the sharing of our stories. 

the natural world has been my most enduring classroom, grounding my practice in living systems, systems thinking, and emergent theory. i have taught at the university-level and practiced in various contexts including higher education, community-based nonprofits, faith-based institutions with experience working with individuals, organizations, and in network-building. communities of practice as a model for transformative change have been a focus of my research and practice throughout my work and i continue to believe in the power of bringing people together through intentional cycles of action and reflection.


Jo Griffith

Friend and Collaborator


I believe in learning and sharing the skills we cultivate with the collective. I have spent the last 20 years working with groups numbering from 2 to 80 moving people through healing practices based largely in my studies of yoga but incorporated all the other gifts the world has revealed. Fascinated and engaged with humans and humanity, I have a BA in anthropology, worked for 7 years as an International Trade Specialist, and have spent the last 20 years studying yoga, various philosophical systems, and somatics. I also collaborate with other healers, bringing more ease into their spaces so that their gifts can shine. In this capacity, I have worked with yoga studios, energy healing spaces, spas, and landscaping companies that incorporate organic and native species in their mission. I am registered with the Yoga Alliance as E - RYT® 500, YACEP® .