Upcoming Events
Fri, May 29
Hope Springs Institute
Feminine Wisdom: The Circle Way
Learn the tools & essence of The Circle Way and how it can help us stand in our Feminine Wisdom
Time is TBD
Location is TBD
Online Wisdom Circle: Relationship To Forgiveness
Coming Summer 2020...
Thu, Mar 26
St. Columba’s Episcopal Church
AoH, From Me to We: Cultivating Courageous Leadership for Times Like These
Living in unprecedented times, we invite you on a journey... to rediscover what we've lost, to remember what's been forgotten to reconnect, renew, to cultivate community and courageous leadership for times like these. ​In our nation’s capitol, we will explore the Art of Hosting and Harvesting
Sat, Mar 14
Cincinnati Learning Collaborative
Grief + Joy: Doorways To Freedom
We think we can grieve alone but grief requires community because we will never go all the way to the bottom of our grief without someone hold space for us because we are all afraid we will drown in it.

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