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Ancient Wisdom Meets Today’s Truth

The choice is yours. In a time when things are changing and moving faster than ever before; which do you choose?  This choice will make the difference. This choice has the power to move you from stuck to inspired, pain to joy, isolation to community, theory to practice and from ordinary living to extraordinary living. Which do you choose? 


Our Services

Tap your innate ancient wisdom in compelling ways with help from Nzuzu. We design and host workshops, retreats, coaching sessions, and more. Tools we use include but are not limited to Integral Theory, Circle Practice, Open Space Technology, and A Small Group work.

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What Is Coaching?

Nzuzu has supported coaching clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. We have been given the honor of coaching clients locally and internationally. Coaching helps clients grow by providing different perspectives for viewing the client’s situation.

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About Nzuzu

We believe in a balance between proven methodologies and the power of the creative human spirit.

Where new events and retreats meet book releases and thought pieces. Keep up with new ways to grow every week here and watch your abundance magnify.

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Our Practice

Our work turns the wheels of organizations large and small. No matter the problem, we can be a solution for you.


Our Services

Looking for the secret to connecting your team and organization? We’ll help you create a workshop or retreat that meets your needs.

You excel at stretching the moments so we can truly listen to the others as well as ourselves.
— Workshop Participant

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The Company We Keep:

The weekend was, simply put, an extraordinary experience of well-being. Of “love-being.” Because of the space created and held by Quanita and Tenneson, we witnessed together what it means to see each other, listen with intention, and be in community. The healing isn’t an escape from damage but an embrace of the beautiful possible.
— Workshop Participant
I just described the experience to a friend of mine today as a weekend of radical humanness, encountering one another authentically. It’s a time to encounter one another in a space that encourages us to take risks by sharing who we really are to another.
— Workshop Participant