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Quanita Roberson
( Wind Warrior )

Deep. Fun. Easy.

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Meet Quanita

Author, shaman, coach, consultant, spiritual guide,  and motivational speaker

I look for things that have Deep heart and meaning. I want to do work that is fun and work with people I have Fun with. I follow the Easy or the flow of things.


I am a facilitator dedicated to addressing embedded trauma. I am a spiritual teacher, speaker, author, life coach, and a storyteller. My work over the past 20 years has been focused in the areas of healing, initiation, grief, leadership, diversity, and inclusion. Recent projects have included work with The Kellogg Foundation’s Truth, Racial Healing, & Transformation Program and People’s Action’s Heartland Initiative: A Listening Tour of Rural and Small Town America. I created Nzuzu to share all of this.

The Infinite Way with Host Dr. Enolia Foti Welcomes Quanita Roberson

Nzuzu will be Presenting Enolia in an Indigenous Drum Making Workshop in June. Stay tune for more information.

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Only Change or Transformational Growth? 

The choice is yours. In a time when things are changing and moving faster than ever; which do you choose?  This choice will make the difference. This choice has the power to move you from stuck to inspired, pain to joy, isolation to community, theory to practice and from ordinary living to extraordinary living. Which do you choose? 

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1 hour @ $150.00 We like to think that we are compartmental people but when we are at our best, most kind to ourselves and others, most successful, most content in our li...
Integral Life Coaching
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The Company We Keep



The weekend was, simply put, an extraordinary experience of well-being. Of “love-being.” Because of the space created and held by Quanita and Tenneson, we witnessed together what it means to see each other, listen with intention, and be in community. The healing isn’t an escape from damage but an embrace of the beautiful possible.

Anthony Weeks

Storyteller, Facilitator


As a mentor and coach, Quanita is the representation of her spirit name -- Wind Warrior. the shifting winds of change and transformation come forth when she is in your presence. I have experienced a beautiful transformation and growth since working with Quanita. She values my story and encourages me to keep writing more chapters. I am honored to know her and I am a stronger person because of her support.

Regina Sewell
Spiritual Development Coach


Quanita is the real deal. As a grounded and completely authentic facilitator of healing ritual. Her capacity to hold space, bear witness, go with you to the depth of your grief and suffering, and bring it to reconciliation and resolution is rare -- even exceptional. I feel so grateful to count her as a friend and fellow traveler on the path.

Nilima Bhat
Co-Author of Shakti Leadership

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The InnerGround Railroad: A 40 Day Journey to Remembering Soul & Spirit

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