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A Calling of the Wisdom Keepers

I am so grateful to be in the planning stages of a gathering of the wisdom keepers at Hope Springs Retreat Center in Peebles, Ohio in June, 2024. The current working title is:

A Calling of the Wisdom Keepers: Expressing peace from a place of hope

This has been up for me for over a year now but now has moved from my head, to my heart, and into forward action. I have been in conversations with several people who are also excited about doing this in this time.

In James Hillman’s book, The Thought of the Heart & the Soul of the World, he writes about the imaginal heart. He speaks that we can’t even have a feeling about something if we aren’t able to first imagine it as possible. I not only can imagine what it will feel like to be in the Studio Building at Hope Springs sitting in circle with wisdom keepers from around the world, I can already feel it. I am speaking it into being because it is time. The world needs the wisdom keepers to gather, share their wisdom and to pray for peace.


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