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A Message from the Blue Heron

Yesterday while on a walk by the Ohio River with a friend we spotted a blue heron. I looked online to see what spirit medicine the blue heron was offering me. This is one of the things that I found.

"In the bible, it is believed that the blue heron was a symbol of Jesus Christ who was the son of God. Whenever the blue heron appears to Christians, they believe that it is Jesus that has appeared to them to deliver a message to them."

A couple of weeks ago while sitting in the hot tub at Hope Springs early one morning brother Jesus spoke to me. It was a reminder of Christ consciousness. It was a reminder that everything that Jesus could do we each have access to. This was the whole point of Jesus appearing in human form. He had to be like us so he could show us the way.

I actually think Jesus would be the last person that would want a religion created around him. I tend to lean into the translation of the scripture I am the way as My way is the way. This translation seem to me to be more in alignment with who I know Jesus to be.

This is a reminder to me to live the big, blessed, beautiful life that is mine to live. To believe in and leave room for miracles in my life. To love thy neighbor as myself. To love myself just as I am in each and every moment. As to not be afraid of the way that God can and does move through me.


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maybe a reminder -- through you -- for us all -- to live the big, blessed, beautiful life that is ours to live

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