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Audacity continued...

Audacity has continued to work me this past week. And as it has I have found myself stepping more into my own freedom. It has shown up in several ways including scheduling my first podcast, Wisdom Work. I have also lined up the next five guest. Something has opened up in me. I can't quite explain it but there was a block in me moving forward with this and now it seems to have released.

Another thing that happened this past week, I got a tattoo. It's an adinkra symbol, Mpatapo (M-patta-por). It is the Pacification Knot, a symbol of forgiveness and reconciliation. It is already teaching me so much. I might write more later but for now I feel like I'm swimming in all kinds of stuff around it and it isn't completely clear what it wants me to know yet.

I wasn't quite sure if I would write about this here but it has been taking up so much of my thinking, feeling, being that I couldn't imagine writing about anything else. Even if it's just a taste.


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