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Connecting Worlds & Stories

Exhale Dance Tribe is collaborating with Okareka Dance Company from New Zealand to bring Hōkioi Me Te Vwōhali to Cincinnati. Two cultures, two worlds! Yesterday I saw the rehearsal of this creative, athletic, impressive, soulful performance. I can’t wait to see it again.

This show is a collaboration between the Exhale Dance Tribe, the Okareka Dance Company, and the Cherokee People in North Carolina. It’s about both of their relationships to the eagles that live/lived on their lands, and the relationship of the eagles to each other. If you have a chance to see it this weekend go! It’s at the Aronoff Center here in Cincinnati on Friday and Saturday night.

I love how connections grown connections when we are open to it. This amazing collaboration has brought me together with a whole new family. Here I want to just share a bit about one person in particular, Tui Matira Ranapiri-Ransfield. It was an immediate connection. I met her last week and we are already planning a book project, visits, and learning together. We are sisters and we have found each other.

Last night she gifted me her Maori - New Zealand flag, the one she was wearing during rehearsal. I gifted her three of my books. I will get to see both performances this weekend.

Feeling blessed,


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