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Day 31 - It's Brave Because There is a Cost

Today was the 1st day of our retreat with our Fire & Water people. They have all done a lot to get here in this place at this time. We gather from across the country and even have one that has traveled from Canada.

It is so sweet to lay eyes on, to lay hands on people that you know intimately, if only over a zoom screen. Each one of them has said yes to this journey, to themselves, to each of us. This isn’t an easy journey, growing up. Notice that I said growing up not growing older. In this timed culture that violently insist on enslaving us with non-stop commitments and fear of say no. To say I’m going to tend to myself for five days is an act of liberation in and of itself.

I look across the room and I am proud to be with these people because I know the cost of this journey. I know so many didn’t make it even to here. I also know what’s in the other side if you keep going.

When we choose and act with courage we step out of an individual fear and into honoring a collective truth that makes it easier for the next person, and the next person, and the next…


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