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Day 4 - Soul Contracts

We so think that we get to choose who we are to each other. I don’t believe this is true. I think our job is to discover not choose. We have already agreed before birth who we would be to each other we have just forgotten. It takes deep listening to discover who we are in each moment with each other. When we think we get to choose we often make a mess out of our relationships. It can also get messy when we think that our relationships shouldn’t change (I have found this out the hard way). I meet someone and I an attracted to their energy so I want to be friends with them but that’s not who we are meant to be with each other. Sometimes I think I know more than the divine so I start to push my own will onto the situation and it’s just awkward and messy. Or I have a relationship where we have been close friends for awhile and things start to shift but neither of us are willing to acknowledge it and release what wants to be let go of instead we hold on tighter. You, guessed it, mess! But if/when I lean into the spirit of learning and curiosity what unfolds in those moments things are beautiful, not always easy but beautiful nonetheless.

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