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Day 49 - Casting Spells

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

I believe in speaking life into the world. I believe that all our words are spells, so why would I make a habit of speaking ill of myself or others? Marianne Williamson says, “There is no such thing as a person without faith. Either you have faith in things working out or you have faith in them not and either way the universe will prove you right.”

I believe this is why affirmations work. My daily affirmation has changed bit by bit over the past ten years. It has evolved as I have. When I realized that I was limiting the divine by the limits of my ask I tweaked it to make it more expansive. When I realized that my purpose included another I added him to it as well.

The current version of my daily affirmation in this:

I am an amazing coach. Spirit flows through me effortlessly and magically. I attract clients who are ready to do their work and can afford my services. I work in divine partnership with Tenneson Woolf to bring forgiveness, reconciliation, wisdom, and clarity to the world. We earn more than we want, doing what we love, in service to the higher good, in a healthful way.

I believe, like Maya Angelou that our words have power. They are things, they get caught in the carpet, the drapes, on our clothes, they are all around us. These words, my affirmation is the life that I am speaking into the world on a daily basis. These are the spells that I am casting. Because for me these are life giving and life affirming.


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