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Day 75 - Divine Masculine & Feminine

“Fredrick Douglass spoke people out of slavery and into freedom but Harriet Tubman brought them out because she trusted the divine that much.”

-Jojopah Nsoroma

Fredrick Douglass, the divine masculine, holds the framework of freedom.

Harriet Tubman, the divine feminine, is the embodiment of freedom.

I often tell Tenneson that it's so wonderful to watch him in circle because he shows up and just falls in love with everyone in the circle. I don't do that. I like the people we get to hold and I don't fall in love in the same way, at least not completely while we are in the thick of the journey. But I do take them to freedom and I do get to love them after the journey in a different way. During the journey my only job is to be obedient to spirit. Without the falling in love it makes it easier to take them where we are going. I imagine Harriet having to have a connected detachment to be able to make the trip as many times as she did and when necessary, to shot the ones who tried to turn back.


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