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Day 93 - Tuck It In

Tenneson and I were meeting with a client today we were exploring connection, possibility and play with their church congregation. We were sharing some ideas when Tenneson said in the end we would tuck it in well. We were asked what might be some good tuck in questions?

I then shared with them the questions below that I have created and used that are inspired by the elements (fire, water, mineral, earth, nature) of the Dagara Medicine Wheel from West Africa.


What new truth has been revealed?


What still needs to be grieved and/or reconciled in you?


What's the new story you're wanting to co-create?


What grounds you in this new story?


What is the new learning or growth?

So I will tuck this blog post in here and answer these questions myself.

My Fire

A new truth that was revealed for me was that I can and maybe should integrate more of my work with the Dagara Medicine Wheel with the clients that I work with.

My Water

I still need to grieve the fact that I haven't always brought all of me into the rooms that I am in. I need to reconcile the different parts of me and welcome all of them in me.

My Mineral

I am co-creating with spirit a life where I am bringing all that I am everywhere I go.

My Earth

I am grounded in the belief that everything is in divine ordering there is something that I bring that no one else can.

My Nature

I am learning just how much I am loved, lovable, and love itself.


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2 comentarios

miriam mck
miriam mck
09 feb 2022

thankful to be a witness and participant in your greatness

Me gusta

only one thing to say ... LOVE!

Me gusta
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