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Day 97 - What I Have Learned

One of my elders used to ask me, “So what have you learned Dorothy?” Of course this question comes from the Wizard of OZ.

As I am coming close to the end of my 100 days of writing this question comes up for me again. What have you learned Dorothy? Here are some of what I have learned.

  1. I am a writer. I often claim storyteller but I haven’t felt that I could claim writer. Now with almost 100 blog post and 3 books I think I can comfortably claim writer.

  2. I can make and stick to a long daily process of writing.

  3. There are people who will follow my writing

  4. I have something valuable to say.

  5. There are two ways of writing. One, where I am making things up. Two, where the writing is making me up.

  6. I can learn in public through writing

  7. I'm able to experience the flow in writing like I experience when I am in from of a group.

  8. I can write from where I am. Each day my writing came fro what was present for me


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