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Global Community Mamas

It’s not lost on me that I have sent my son out into the world just as I’m writing my next book, Birthed by many mothers.

As he is exploring the world and finding himself it’s the global mothers that I am trusting him to, the head of his exchange program (from Earlham College), his host mother (in Spain), a friends friend (in Lisbon), and now a dear sweet mama that I know (in Frankfurt).

I’m so grateful. I am a global community mama to some but I didn’t know until now what, trust, faith, and surrender it takes to have a part of your heart halfway across the world.

I am grateful for my Brazilian daughter’s mama for trusting me with her lovely daughter for a year. I knew what a gift she was giving me but I had no idea until now what some of that time must have been for her.


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miriam mck
miriam mck
11. 3. 2022

i too am a grateful mama for kaia's host grandmama in Toledo Spain. we check on her regularly. thank you for this post

To se mi líbí

As I am beginning a new relationship with my own daughter, I am grateful for this reminder that she lives in a world, a community, where others may be, for her, a mother to her in the places she abides.

To se mi líbí
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