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In Times Like These

In times like these...

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this phase over the past couple of years. Every time I hear it I am taken aback just a bit.

The implication, I’m guessing is that we are in a time in history, different from any other time we have been in, but isn’t that always true. Isn’t this what evolution promises?

The implication, I’m guessing is that there is more suffering going on now than ever before. I would suggest that this isn’t the case. People of every generation have experienced deep suffering. Maybe the difference is just that we have turned a blind eye to the suffering and now we can’t any longer.

The implication, I’m guessing is that because we are becoming more and more a global community what we do now effects each other more than ever. But, haven’t we always been a global community, even if un realized? Haven’t we as human beings always been interconnected? Aren’t we all living on a planet that is a huge ball of interdependence in action? Even when we can’t see it yet in the physical, don’t we understand that the cosmic realm holds us all? Or, are we still turning a blind eye to this?

What would it mean to live in the truth of what is going on? I don’t mean my truth or your truth (I think this is the egos clever way to keep us confused), I mean the Truth with a capital T. The spiritual truth that shows up again and again across religions, and across cultures. Are we still too afraid to open our eyes and let go of our shadow egos enough to see that we aren’t in control of shit? We can barely control ourselves.

It isn’t until we are willing to surrender this idea of control that we can truly step into co-creation with he universe.


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