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Month Long Trick or Treating

I have been traveling for the past month + and have been describing it as a month long trick or treating journey.

I’m home now and it’s time to pour out on the floor like candy all of my treats, physical, emotional, and spiritual. It’s time to sift through and arrange, make connections, learn, and decide what I need to keep and what it’s time to let go of.

One of the threads that I can see even before dumping everything out is the thread of worthiness. It has shown up in every place I have been. I can find this thread in my life as well. Earlier this year I became aware that in some of my closest relationships I was allowing people to not consider me because I wasn’t considering me. That is a thread of worthiness. Some of those relationships have shifted and I can feel them reflecting back to me their ability to now consider me. This tells me I have shifted. And others still don’t have the capacity to consider me but I can and have been making choices that are in alignment with that. And I am still noticing the places where I’m tempted to fall back into old habit.

I had the privilege of presenting yesterday in Global Sisterhood's Worth of a Woman with Anne Baring (Divine Feminine History), Mare Chapman (Undoing Internalized Misogyny with Mindfulness), Yeve Luisah Teish (Ancestral Healing) and me, Quanita Roberson (Reconciliation & Forgiveness). There are about 130 participants on this journey from around the world. And so many of the beliefs that they spoke of felt familiar to me.

For now, I’m resting. I’m tired. I’m couch bonding and letting the memories and medicine of the journey feed me, teach me, initiate me into this next phase of my life.

I will write more as it is revealed.


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