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New Patterns for the New Year!

Happy New Year!

I know we are already halfway through January. But I didn’t want to not welcome you into the new year. Coming into this year I have been getting two strong messages, first to slow down. I broke my toe at the end of last year and it has had me doing a lot of couch bonding and even being pushed around the airport in a wheelchair during my travels. It has slowed my down. I have been spending lots of time reflecting on this past year and getting clarity on this new year. The second message of this year for me is around the sacred “No”. I am getting clear that when you have an abundant life sometimes it isn’t just about saying no to bad things so you can say no to good things but sometimes it’s about saying no (or at least not now) to your Hell Yes’s, so you can say Yes to other Hell Yes’s.

The year according to the Dagara Cosmological Wheel is a Mineral year. People who are a part of the mineral clan are people who were born in birth years that end in the numbers 4 & 9. But even if this isn’t year primary element, we all carry all of the elements in us and this is the energy of this year, 2024. It’s a year of the stories. What stories are you co-creating this year? It’s a time to look at what no longer serves and need to be let go of, it’s a time to claim new stories to live into. It’s a time of clear communication and strong body memory. It’s a time of purpose. It is a time of creative thought and expressive being int he world.

January 11, 2024 we entered into a new moon. This moon will take us to the 1st full moon of the year. This year I am doing a journey with the Medicine Wheel of the Thirteen Clan Mothers. I love this medicine wheel because it takes us on a journey of the gifts, talents, and abilities of the feminine. This journey helps all of us to lean into right relationship with our own feminine no matter what gender you are.

This year I invite you to join me on a Journey of the Moon Cycles using the 13 Clan Mothers Medicine Wheel. I will be posting a link soon on my events page. It will be a free offerings. My hope is that it will be a place to be more intentional about our relationship with the feminine and with the truth.


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