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Where are the Shackles that Tether You?

Where are the shackles that tether you to this place?

Can you feel your soul trying to break free?

Where are the places that keeps you small,

that lies to you about what real humility is?

Humility isn't about playing small. Real humility is knowing that someone paid the price for you, now you need to pay the price for someone else.

Where are the shackles born from your trauma that keeps you tied to those that no longer serve you.

Healing is not only possible, it is your birthright. Claim it!

Where are the shackles that keep you separated from your joy, your heart, your genius, your self.

You are our most underutilized resource. There is something that only you can do. We need you and your genius.

Where are the shackles that tell you that fear is real? That safety can be found in another?

Safety is an inside job, not an external condition

Where are the shackles that hide in Whiteness, that hind in Blackness, that hide in ___ness? That keeps us stuck in victim.

The victim archetype teaches us how to be victorious. It shows us our own agency.

Where are the shackles that wake you up in the middle of the night as anxiety that trick you into believing that it’s everything but, not living in this here moment, not being present.

All of this disappears in a blink of an eye when we show up right here, right now.

You have the keys to break out of all the shackles in your life. It's like Dorothy, you have had the ruby slippers all along.


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