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Day 72 - I say YES

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

My birthday is on May 11th. Last year I set off on a journey to connect with important people and places in my life. I also made a pledge to myself. It was what I was saying yes to now. Today I decided to pull it out of the box on my altar to bring what has fallen into the background into the foreground. Here it is:

I say YES

I say YES

To embodied knowing that the medicine is out to gift me not to get me

I say YES

And surrender the anger that I have carried about what I think the medicine has cost me

Acknowledging that cost and detriment are not the same

I say YES

And open to living and knowing that the medicine isn't designed to separate me from my beloveds but to move us closer

I say YES

To walking the line of love and abundance that shifts the spaces in me where I either harden my heart to others or abandon myself, to a place where I honor myself , the divine order of things, and my connection to the whole

I say YES

To the ways that Oya moves through my life teaching me in every moment about death and rebirth

I am Wind Warrior

I am the promise of forgiveness and reconciliation in the world

And all of me says YES

The only thing that I would add after reading this now is that I say YES to love


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1 Comment

yes to love. living a year of "yes" ... hmm. I think I am aware of living a year of "fire" and of "free." hmm. fire and free. something brewing there ... thank you for inspiration.

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