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A White Wound of Colonization

I am in a huge growth point in my life and many different things are working me all at the same time. One of the things that has floated to the surface for me in the past couple of weeks is about the wounds of colonization for White people.

Some of this started in me while watching the show The Crown years ago. With the recent death of Queen Elizabeth I was brought back to what I felt while first watching it. I was struck by the observation that first colonization has to colonize the colonizers. As I have said before your can’t enslave another and not be enslaved yourself.

What I have noticed is that one of the ancestral wounds of slavery to heal for White people is this wound of colonization. When your ancestors have been the colonizers there is often a fear of being colonized. This wound keeps you from love and freedom. Fear always does. This wound makes you think that other cultures are like yours. It make you think that other people are trying to gain control over you but most other cultures don’t have this embedded in their lineage. This is one of White people’s wounds to heal. It’s your responsibility to transform this wound, not to just acknowledge it and move on.

I often have said that I don’t want White people to be my ally I want them to heal their own damn selves. I’ll take on, and I do, my own healing. I’ll take on claiming my own freedom and if you take on claiming yours, and stop projecting your wounds onto others we will all be good.


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