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Close Friends/Best Friends

I have been thinking about the close friends, maybe even the best friends I have had in my life. How they have been able to see things in me that I haven’t. These friendships serve as a looking glass into me that offers reflections that I couldn’t see otherwise.

Of course there have been other people who have offered reflections of who I am. Childhood friends carry my past and often will remember things at I have forgotten. Family members have been able to share legacy information and fill in holes of family stories. And even strangers can offer me a reflection of myself. But close friends/best friends, the ones that I have shared my secrets with. The ones that I have cried my deepest tears and shared my biggest laughs with. These people know a me that no one else gets access to.

Some of what I have learned from them (in no particular order)

  1. “I know you are this Wind Warrior shaman woman but when it comes to romance you are still like that 16 year old girl.”

  2. “Why is it that when things are good you call it spirit but when things are bad it’s God?”

  3. “You are such an Owl Mama.”

  4. “It’s hard when you know a lot not to write like concentrates orange juice.”

  5. “You are such a nerd.” (This is probably from all of them)

  6. “You are the witch in my story. In all the good ways. You come with this box of magic and then you say, but wait I have another one.”

  7. “Okay, tell me your story 3 more times, you know you have to before you can fully process it.”

Just like with all best friend there is a bit of language that is understood between friends but not necessarily by others. So I'll add a little bit to add to what is written above.

  1. I was 16 when I met my was-band. When I divorced it was pointed out to me that I needed to mature and grow my wisdom with men.

  2. Spirit to me is the connection of everything. God is personal, one on one kind of personal to me.

  3. Owl mamas are the ones that prepare and take care of their kids every step of the way. Eagle mamas push you out the nest and hope you can fly. Every Owl mama needs an Eagle mama friend and every Eagle mama needs and Owl mama friend.

  4. Too dense

  5. Nerd, geek, self explanatory

  6. I come with magic.

  7. Something starts in my head, I’m an external processor, it takes a couple of time to move to my heart and then my belly.

I’m so grateful for these people and all I have learned from and with them. I am or have been madly in love with each of them. Even though they have also said some dumb shit to me too. 😊


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1 comentário

miriam mck
miriam mck
21 de fev. de 2022

I love the good stuff and the dumb shit! We're all of it. TGIM - or TSIM! ❤️🥑👁️

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