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Day 10 - The Great Surrender

There are things that show up in my life that have lessons that I come back to time and time again to drink from it’s watering hole of wisdom. My friend Krister Linder’s song The Great Surrender is one of those things. During a conversation one day with Krister we talked about all the ways we rebel from God. I have been thinking about this a lot lately.

I often say that I am obedient to spirit and for the most part that would be true but one of the ways that I most rebel is by dragging my feet on things that I know are mine to do even though we all know that eventually I’m going to do it. I don’t usually make a big scene, kicking and screaming as someone drags me out the door I just avoid, postpone, drag out, bake cookies (😂 ) whatever it takes to not say yes in that moment.

I see this in me in the way that I haven’t started my podcast yet even though I already have 4 guest lined up. I see it in another in the way that they sooth their wounds instead of reaching for help to heal them. I see it in all of us as we wait for each other to make the first moves before we lean in to heal our broken communities.

And as in the song, God’s love lets me/us rebel all along without ever withholding grace or love.

Enjoy the video above and the words below:

Source of all I am and all that is

I turn to you

And know that you hear me

As I come from you

And you dwell in me too

Every breath and beat i got from you

I’m you manifest

Through and through

So hear me now

I’m ready to

Surrender somehow

Lucifer calling

The mother and son

I’m tired of being angry

And too weary to run

Madly ironic

That only your love

Was giving me space

To chose to rebel at all

Forgive me

Centuries I’ve rehearsed what to say

But things cool down along the way

Oh the length we go

Just to keep a grudge

Though it poisons our soul

There were times I thought I was winning

When I had them all spinning

Spiralling down

Oh so simple though

Lucifer calling the father and son

I’m tired of being angry and

I long to come home

Crazy ironic

That only your love

Was giving me space

To chose to rebel at all

Say how you want it

You’re all that I got

Knowing I’m free

To suffer or not

Forgive me

Thank you again Krister for being a great artist, a good human being and a wonderful friend.


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