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Day 15 - Bringing My Whole Self

When they want your whole life but not your whole self.

I was in a conversation tester with one of our Fire & Water people and this came out of my mouth. “It’s when they want your whole life but not your whole self.” We were talking about a job. It got me thinking about the times I have been in places, jobs, and with people who wanted my whole life, all my time and energy, but weren’t necessarily interested in my whole self. They were more focused on me meeting their needs than what could really be possible if we both showed up as our whole selves. Most of the time I think this is because they didn’t know how to make room for themselves so they couldn’t make room for me. And in those times, when I stayed longer than was kind, I didn’t know how to insist on bringing my whole self or know this as a sign to move on.


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