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Day 17 - Questions

About seven years ago Tenneson asked me: What question if I knew it would change my life forever?

My immediate response was, I have no clue. Then he amended his first question to, “What question could you live into for the next 2-3 years?” The question that came to me and that I have been living into for seven years now is, What if I really believed that everything was in divine order? That question then gave birth to some subquestions. How would I walk through the world differently if I really believed this? How would I treat people differently? What questions would I ask differently?

This question continues to teach me. Sometimes when I am really brave enough to lean into this main questions and the following ones I get to experience miracles. These questions, when I remember and don’t just get swept up in the moment, helps me to remember that I can’t see or know everything. It helps me to have compassion for the other, inside and outside of myself. It helps me to remember that nature and the divine are always a part of the equation.


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