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Day 28 - Crafty

Tenneson came into town today. We are getting ready for our second Fire and Water retreat. In preparing for this retreat we were pretty crafty tonight. Putting together all the different things that will support us on this next leg of the journey. I often say I’’m not good at art but I am crafty.

I like this because my mother was crafty and I was her only child. This helps me to feel closer to her. We always had a box of paper mache and paints around when I was young. We would string popcorn for the tree at Christmas (before she became a Jehovah’s Witness) and we painted the manger figures before they were placed in our homemade manger. She died eleven years ago.

I remember about ten months after she died I realized that I was staying connected to her through the grief because I was afraid if I let go of the grief that there wouldn’t be anything left. Well that day I decided that there were others ways for me to stay connected to her, first she was funny. I could stay connected to her through her sense of humor, my daughter Makayla has her sense of humor. Second, she was crafty. So today while using my paper cutter to cut cards into the size that I wanted after I had printed them out on my printer I got to spend some time with my mom. I didn’t see her but I could feel her there. Oh, and Tenneson was in the room too.


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