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Day 34- The Water

I got the news that Malidoma Patrice Somé transitioned to the land of the ancestors this week while I was on retreat with the Fire & Water Leadership and Rite of Passage cohort that I co-host with Tenneson Woolf. Malidoma was a water spirit as am I. It seems fitting that I would be doing this work holding people in their initiations using the medicine that has been brought to the west by Malidoma and Sobonfu.

It also seems fitting that while in a two and a half day fire tending ceremony we would experience a downpour of rain. Rain, wind, thunder and even a tornado warning. Our fire tenders held down the fort. They kept the fire going and checked in on each other. They even kept the tent from blowing away. Over the last twenty years I have only hosted one retreat where it didn’t rain at some point I think the water shows up to help me in my work of reconciliation.


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