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Day 36 - Vibrational Healing Energy

In the book Igniting Inspiration John Marshall Roberts says that “There are three ways to move things, body to body is force, mind to mind is persuasion, and spirit to spirit is inspiration.” To be in spirit is to inspire.

I love this and have experienced this myself on many different occasions in many different ways. I know when I can get myself fully present, fully in the room, I can bring everybody with me. This is what it means to be connected. When I am in spirit, when my soul is fully present, my soul speaks directly to your and commands you to show you, you don’t even have a choice because we are connected.

This is how vibrational energy works. I love the book the Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer where he speaks about vibrational energy and healing. He says something about as we evolve in consciousness we think that one person at a higher vibration counters another person at a lower vibration but it's more than that. He say when we raise our level of consciousness we can counter 5 people at a lower vibration. When we raise it even higher we can counter 25 people at a lower vibration, higher still can counter 100 people at a lower vibration, and on and on and on… It’s not a one to one exchange. This is why shifting ourselves is the quickest way to shift the whole.

I am also aware of the speed of healing energy as I am resting from out five day Fire & Water retreat. I am exhausted and at the same time very energized. I have a teacher once say to me that we get an opportunity to heal ourselves first at a spiritual layers, which is the fast vibrational layer for healing, and then the vibration get more dense and we have an opportunity to heal at the emotional layer, and then if not healed it get even denser still and we get an opportunity to heal on a physical layer.

When we are doing spiritual healing work the vibration is extremely fast, when we stop our physical body has to catch up so to speak. This leaves us feeling as if we have just ran a marathon.

So, I am being kind to my body and resting even as my mind want to just into new ideas sparked by last week and start planning.


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