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Day 45 - Deep Feeling

The art of deep feeling is a gift and everything has at least two sides.

I am very emotionally intelligent. A part of that is that I feel things very deeply. I also have been given the gift of feeling what others are feeling, sometimes even when we are thousands of miles apart, and sometime with people that I don’t really know. One of the issues with this for me is that even though the feelings are usually clear and who’s it is is clear I often don’t have context. Being smart and creative is not always your friend because we can make up all kinds of shit and sometimes I do. I have gotten better at not doing that but sometimes it still catches me.

This gift has been very helpful in the work that I do. It helps me to feel where my clients are and where they need to move to the next place. It helps me to witness people in an authentic way. It has also been helpful in my intimate relationships. It helps me to know when it may not be a good time to bring up certain things and where the timing is right.

This gift is also challenging when I can feel where someone is and when they aren’t connected to their own feelings or aren’t at a place where they are willing to acknowledge them.

Just some thoughts on a Wednesday evening.


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