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Day 50 - From Anger to Gratitude

Sometimes healing starts with anger

Rejecting what has happened we find ourselves annoyed and frustrated

If we stay with it long enough we plunge into grief and sadness. The grief can feel like we are going to drown. It can feel like we are going to die. This is only an illusion.

If we are willing to be held by and healed in community we can find our way from the grief and sadness to compassion and grace. Getting access to a deeper understanding of all sides.

An interesting thing happens then, this understanding gives rise to forgiveness. For me forgiveness often finds me and wakes me up in the middle of the night, greeted by the softness of my heart and sweet cleansing soul tears.

This softened heart and cleansing tears gives birth to a daybreak of gratitude.


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Quanita, I find your postings immensely helpful to me as a woman, as a creative, as an elder (in some ways as I am still wrestling with how I show up in that way), as person who's lived in white skin & white culture all my days. I have come to understand some things from your unique perspective that no one else in my circle of contacts talks about. Thank you for these teachings. I LOVE reading your words and knowing your voice, how you might just this in-person, and knowing you are tending the circle in this particular way.

Μου αρέσει
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