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Day 53 - Bee Medicine

Amy Howton and I recently received two copies of our new book, The InnerGround Railroad: A 40 Day Journey to Remembering Soul & Spirit. to complete the final edits before it goes to print. This past year as we have been finishing this book together we have both noticed that bee spirit medicine has been all around us.

The publisher that we have been working with have become bee keepers. Tenneson and I have been working with a board that has a group of bee keepers. In November while on vacation with a friend we got to talking about her adventures with her bees and how I use beeswax in my hair for my locs. She has been looking for what to do with the beeswax from her hives and decided to prepare it for me so I can prepare my own hair mix using her. And last be certainly not least during our Fire & Water retreat Tenneson and I were each gifted with a jar of raw unfiltered honey by one of our participants that was made on her land in Saskatchewan.

Some of the spiritual gifts of bees are that they bring medicine of the sweetness of life, a capacity to image and build, and Healing. I have been grateful for these reminders.

I have experienced all of these things in writing our book. It has taken endurance and tenacity to be with this book project for over 15 years. The journey has been good but not always easy. This book has grown and healed me and encourages others to look within for their own healing. It is connected to the divine and I believe as we take on our healing journeys we get access to the sweetness of life.

The sweetness doesn't come alone. As I write this I am reminded of a poem I wrote a couple of years ago.

Honey & Lemons

Where did you come from

How did you find me

This life full of honey and lemons

Rest on my lips with the taste of possibility

Beckoning me to be still, to trust, to surrender to something greater than myself

Driving me mad and calling me home

This book, this journey has been full of honey and lemons.


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