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Day 57 - Rest, Celebration, & Recreation

I’m spending a couple of days in Hocking Hills right now with 6 wonderful women, including my daughter. The place we are staying at is called The Cliffs. It is quite amazing.

We are here at this time mostly because their schedule books up so quickly that when I looked at picking a time in March 2021 this was on of the few times left this year. They haven’t posted the calendar for next year yet.

I invited a group of people here for what I am calling a Rest-Bit. But I could have very well have listed is as a Celebration, Recreation, & Rest-Bit. I find that in the past I have been very good at taking rest when I need it. I have learned in the work that I do if I don’t take the time to be still spirit has to intervene. I use to get sick before every retreat I hosted. In spirit’s grace and wisdom I would get sick so that I had a chance to rest and empty out before I went in front of a group to hold space. I have learn that I don’t have to get sick I can just choose to be still.

Celebration is a different story. I am good at celebrating those that I love but I’m not as good in celebrating myself or even letting others celebrate me. I think a part of this is that I’m not a “party” person. I am very extroverted in my work but I am extremely introverted in my private life. There are a couple of people that I’m really close to and will allow to be in small celebration with me but I’m really quite awkward in large groups.

And Recreation, a couple of years ago I decided to only work 100 days that year and I learned so much about me and recreation. I learned that my work is fun for me and that I needed to learn things outside of work to do for recreation. These other things support me being able to be in my work in a different way. Some of those things for me are kayaking, watching musical (preferably live theater), and going to spas. I am learning more about what play is for me.


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