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Day 63 - Evolution of Men

As we begin this fire year I am noticing and loving the masculine. I am noticing things shifting within the men in my life in all kinds of good ways. There is an opening of heart and spirit happening. An answering of prayers that I have been praying for years in some cases. There is a movement into more of the healthy masculine which includes a tending to the people in their lives, a protective quality, and taking on their own healing and connection with spirit and the ancestral world.

I am one that notices the multi layers of things and I think this shift is connected to the transition of some key players in the mens transformation movement in the world, Daniel Deardorff (Feb. 2020), Robert Bly (Nov. 2021), and Malidoma Patrice Somé (Dec. 2021). As they take their place in the land of the ancestors the field is changed and there is a vacuum for the next wave of men to step into, maybe they are being prepared.

So often we think that men carry the power and women carry the love, but when we are at our best it's just the opposite. Men show up in pure love and serve until the need is fulfilled and women show up and use their power.

It's quite delicious to witness these men, these men that I love, stepping more into the truth of who they truly are, and at a time when my son is entering his own initiation in Spain.

I pray for each of their open hearts. I wish them courage as they each step into the fire energy of this year and burn off all that is ready to fall away to reveal the genius that each of them are in the world. I hope they know that their labor benefits us all.


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