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Day 66 - Spiritual Nuggets

Spiritual Nugget #1

Giving can never be one way.

I use to believe if someone gave me something they were left with less. But now I know that giving can never be one way. The universe is constantly trying to balance things out.

Spiritual Nugget #2

Responsibility always comes with gifts and privileges.

So often I don’t want to carry the responsibility I have been ask to carry, but that is just because my vision is too narrow. It is only when I widen my vision that I can see that responsibility always comes with gifts and privileges.

Spiritual Nugget #3

Because of free will miracles are always preceded by choice.

I have learned that before each miracle in my life

I have been given a choice. The choice is always about whether or not I will honor myself.

Spiritual Nugget #4

We can only attract to us who we are.

Because we are connected, everyone who shows up in our life is reflecting for us beliefs that we are holding about ourselves and the world.

Spiritual Nugget #5

The lessons are journeys too.

I use to think that once I learned a lesson that was the end of it, but now I know that I get to learn the lessons I have chosen this lifetime at deeper and deeper levels throughout my life.

Spiritual Nugget #6

You feel the fear, choose courage and act courageously, and you build your strength for fearlessness.

I use to wait to make a move until I felt courageous but then I realized that courage isn’t a feeling. The feeling with courage is fear. Courage is a choice; I can choose courage even though I am afraid.

Spiritual Nugget #7

I would rather be by myself and know that I love me than be with someone else and know that neither of us did.

Often times I have chosen to be with someone because I didn’t want to be alone. I thought that being with them was better than being by myself but now I know that during those times I was more alone than ever because I had abandoned myself.

Spiritual Nugget #8

The reason we as a community are addicted to the drama is because we have learned to equate the drama with living.

When the trauma hit I built a wall of protection around my heart, I became numb. This numbness carries low life energy. When the drama comes it brings emotion back into our lives, we mistake this emotion for living.

Spiritual Nugget #9

In every moment of everyday we are either breathing life or breeding pain. You can choose consciously to breathe life.

Peter Block often asks the question, “What is the crossroads you find yourself at?” at the beginning of a gathering. I believe every moment is a crossroad. Every moment I get to choose how I will respond to life. Each choice either supports life or supports pain.

Spiritual Nugget #10

We so think that by saving the world we will be able to save ourselves but only by saving ourselves are we able to save the world.

I use to want to save the world because I thought if I was able to do that it would mean that I was okay, that I was valuable but now I understand that I have no control over anyone’s journey but my own. I know now that we are all connected and when I take on my own healing it makes it easier for others to do the same. I can’t give what I don’t have. Finding my own freedom is the only way I can help anyone find theirs.

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