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Day 7 - I Don't Like People

I don’t like people. Don’t get me wrong, I love people but I don’t really like them. Ok, that’s not completely true. There are some people that I like. I like my children. I like my close friends, my inner circle. I even like some people who I consider deep and clever but most people bore me. I know everybody is the divine manifested on earth and maybe I’m supposed to be enlighten enough to see it. Maybe sometimes the divine manifest as a boring person? I am however fascinated by people (more as a whole, not as individuals) in a science experiment kinda way. We as humans are fascinating, walking living miracle contradictions. My friend Rhea says, some people just make it hard to like them, we both laughed.

Maybe, it’s me that is boring? When my children were younger and would say they were bored my response to them was always, “Boredom is an insult to the mind. Only boring people are bored.’ I heard it somewhere and thought it was a clever response. But lately I’m starting to wonder if me not liking people is more connected to my own healing journey. Am I rejecting the parts of myself that I see in them? Am I protecting myself from falling in love for fear that it might end in rejection even before it gets started? Or do I just think too damn much?

Lol, maybe more of a rant today,


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Even I don't like ppl that much, they cry when dogs poops in front of their doors or pees on their cars. . They want so much. . Car. . House. .luxury. . What does the poor dog wants. . Two meals and some love. . Which humans are incapable of feeling in and unconditional way like dogs. . I like dogs. . But I don't like ppl. . We as a specie are very material minded and selfish. .

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