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Day 77 - Something to Contribute

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

I’ll let you in on a secret, my children are really geeky. Don’t get me wrong, I’m geeky too but in a slightly different way. My children and my wasband (the man that was my husband) are all into dungeons and dragons. Jacob and Makayla are always busy setting up new worlds to play in and frankly I have felt a little left out. I’m not interested in learning how to play D&D. If I was they would happily bring me into the fold and teach me.

But today Makayla and I found a bridge. She shared with me that she was creating this new world with Gods and she read something in a book about the role of Gods. Here was my opening. So I said, “Do you know that I have lots of books about Gods and Goddesses? Would that be helpful for you in setting up your new world?” She looked at me and excitedly exclaimed yes! Then I also shared that I have lots of books about cultural myths. Her eyes got bigger.

I left the room and grabbed two books from the shelf one on East African Myths and the other about Goddesses. Just like that I was included. It didn’t take much for me to feel connected to something that they care about. It didn’t take much for me to contribute. As I left her room seeing her smiling, surrounded by her computer, pad of paper, and books I was reminded that even when I can’t see it we are always connected. Even when we don’t know what it is we always have something to contribute.


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